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What is MAXQDA

MAXQDA is a world-leading software package for qualitative and mixed methods research. Analyze all kinds of data – from texts to images and audio/video files, websites, tweets, focus group discussions, survey responses, and much more. Developed by and for researchers, MAXQDA is at once powerful and easy-to-use, innovative and user-friendly, as well as the only leading QDA software that is 100% identical on Windows and Mac.

naruto haitei花火

I spent several months researching the options, and ultimately decided to trial MAXQDA. We brought in a MAXQDA certified trainer, and bought a network license so that our large team at Microsoft could use the tool. We were not disappointed[…]
I was so convinced in its efficacy in the applied qualitative field that I bought MAXQDA for my team when I joined Amazon. I was especially delighted when they recently added the Stats package, which allows us to avoid the extra expense of buying SPSS.

Sam Ladner, Ph.D.
Senior UX Researcher, Amazon
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