The world's first and only Agile M&A data room software designed to reduce work, track progress and utilize analytics on one centralized project management system. DealRoom is 40% faster and up to 50% less expensive than a traditional data room.

Create a better M&A experience for you and your client with DealRoom, the industrys leading merger and acquisition software. Data storage, diligence tracking, and communication tools are all in one integrated smart M&A data room M&A professionals use every day.

Make strategic decisions, manage internal and external tasks, and have a birds-eye view of company wide responsibilities using DealRooms corporate data room and M&A virtual data room.

Investment banks can create a better process from day one with DealRooms data room software. Our platform for M&A investment management enables teams to collaborate and streamline internal workflows, complete due diligence, and close deals faster.

Customers who use our agile M&A Data Room Software
Heres How DealRoom's Data Room Works
All VDR Must-Haves and More

Share Documents Online in Secure & Innovative Deal Room

M&A transactions rely on VDRs for secure diligence, and teams often spend quite a bit of time inside the data room. This is why DealRooms VDR is built to not only meet basic needs, but improve your M&A process. It utilizes smart technology designed to save teams time and prevent duplicate work. The deal room also meets industry compliance standards, and then some, ensuring that all data is secure online and kept confidential.

Track Diligence Analytics within the Data Room

Run a Productive Process with DealRooms Data Room Software

DealRoom is unlike any other M&A software companies. We are the solution to all your traditional data room and deal challenges. Applying project management to complex M&A transactions creates effective workflows, accountability, and transparency between teams. No more work silos and digging through lengthy email threads just to find one attachment. Finally, a deal room software designed to make complex M&A transactions simple.

Easy Due Diligence with M&A data room

Streamline Due Diligence with Innovative M&A Virtual Data Room

DealRooms project management and virtual data room software prevents common diligence inefficiencies, enabling teams to collaborate and work in one interactive platform. This creates visibility and eliminates work silos, as well as duplicate work. Upload files, communicate with other users, retrieve insightful analytics, and more. Our software is designed to streamline the entire M&A process.

Accelerated Post Merger Integration

Accelerate Post Merger Integration with the Best Data Room Software

A deals success often hinges on the first 90 to 100 days post-close, so why wait until then to plan for post-merger integration? Planning for integration early on in the deal lifecycle strongly increases the chances of post-close success. This is why it is beneficial to use a merger and acquisition software from the very beginning of the deal flow that can help plan PMI. DealRoom helps teams map-out strategies, spot potential bottlenecks, and overall, be a place to house any and all information vital to a deal M&As success.


Whatever your industry, DealRoom's deal room software has a solution to bring greater efficiency and less risk to your process.

Why Leading Businesses Choose DealRooms M&A Virtual Data Room

DealRoom is the industrys leading M&A virtual data room software. Stop working overtime with our intuitive data room.

Intuitive Design

Our deal room's interface is user friendly and clean, which helps shorten the learning curve of using a new technology. Our smart technology makes every step of the process easier and faster.

Built-in Security

DealRoom smart M&A data room maintains the highest level of information security, and our data centers are strategically separated. Our M&A virtual deal room is built to keep all your sensitive data and documents 100% secure.

Help at Every Step

Our client success team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. We assist with initial deal room set up, as well as training, and support throughout the deal lifecycle.

Agile M&A Certified

Our data room software design is based upon Agile principles and education. We strive to help users develop strategies that drive innovation and create the highest return on M&A transactions.

Smart Features

Our virtual data room has smart features that solve all your due diligence pain points. Be more product than ever with features such as drag and drop, smart search, and the requests tab.

Innovative Technology

DealRoom's deal room has unique capabilities such as due diligence answers suggestions, live-link documents, progress tracking and drag-and-drop file upload. Our deal room software is constantly being updated and new features are added.


Faster & easier


Less business work


less expensive


Accuracy & compliance

What Customers are Saying

1. Pricing is month-to-month and fair (vs. by page).
2. Machine learning: The platform also has machine learning to allow you to quickly answer multiple requests lists from different parties.
3. Project management capabilities not available on any other virtual data room.
4. Extremely easy to learn. (e.g. drag and drop, objects are where you would expect them to be, great customer service)
Curtis Chu

Auxo Investment Partners

DealRoom has saved our team time and allowed our client to comfortably use a secure deal room without having trouble understanding the data room software. The ability to create and adjust the index of folders in an easy, efficient manner is especially helpful. Also, setting permissions and understanding who has access to certain folders and files is very transparent which limits stress levels when uploading sensitive docs
Tyler Howard


What has stuck out most to me is the responsiveness and overall care the DealRoom team has shown in addressing any issues or concerns as they may arise. Wehave even requested extra functionality / capabilities and the team has responded by building these out where possible. I have really enjoyed working with the team and would definitely recommend this m&a deal room
Alex Amato

Robert W. Baird

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